November 13, 2010

benefit '10'

So I finally caved into buying benefit '10' bronzer and highlight duo. I am far from short of bronzers and highlighters but for some reason they both seem to be the things that I can't stop buying at the moment. I can't even begin to justify £23.50 on a cheek product, I frankly think it's ridiculous, but for some reason it didn't stop me from handing over the cash. The only thing that I can say in it's defense is that the benefit bronzer/blushers do tend to last about four years or more in my experience. This product gives the loveliest combo of bronze and blush that just works right to give a gorgeous glow to the cheeks. The product itself is also very soft, pigmented and blends easily onto the cheeks. I will do some pictures with it on my face so you can see a bit more clearly soon, but for now swatches will have to do. The compact also comes with a really soft which I usually chuck but will be using this time as I don't want to blend the two colours together.

You can buy benefit '10' compact on their website, here.


  1. It looks awesome! Love it!

  2. I love 10. but you're right £23 is so expensive when your paying for it... although they do last for aaaages. wow contradicting myself now. ha. xoxo avs

  3. Oooh la la... I like :D

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