November 06, 2010

barry m dazzle & glitter dusts

The other day I popped into superdrug and had a good browse at the barry m dazzle dusts. I managed to get glitter all over my arm after doing various swatches and got laughed at by the woman at the till which is always great. I've been wanting to try them out for quite a while and as they are currently on two for £7 in superdrug so I thought why not. I'm not usually an eyeshadow kind of girl and I like to just wear mascara and eyeliner most of the time. I do however adore glitter which is why I had to pick up a few. The dazzle/glitter dusts come in cute little pots which make them great to collect. They apply easily, granted slightly messy, but if you use an eyeshadow base or fix+ by mac they last on the lids, and of course they are very pigmented. I really do recommend that you go out and try to get your hands on a few of the gorgeous colours!

'Grey 1' - Glitter Dust

A very frosty silver with big chunks of silver glitter and looks very metallic in the light.

'Gold Iridescent 15' - Glitter Dust

A snowy looking pale white colour with golden shimmer running through.

'Oyster Grey 51' - Dazzle Dust

A gorgeous mix of smokey grey/brown with highlights of a dusky purple colour.

'Opal 21' - Glitter Dust

A very dark purpley grey colour with lots of electric emerald coloured sparkles.


  1. gorgeous shades!! thanks for swatching ^_^

  2. Oooh Gold Iridescent 15 and Opal 21 look gorgeous! I don't own any Barry M dazzle or glitter dusts, I used to put ran out of them all and never bought any more! I should go shopping for more really! :)


  3. i love Barry M ihave so many dazzel dusts now but i dont have these so thanks for swatching x

  4. they're all pretty but oyester grey is AMAZING!

  5. opal is so pretty!! it's gonna look great for night out in christmas with all the sparkles!!

  6. Thanks for the swatches! I was thinking about buying afew of the glitter dusts and you have now convinced me :)

    Fee x

  7. I'm not an eyeshadow kind of girl either but love BarryM dazzle and glitter dusts:) these look really pretty, i must get my hands on 'opal' it's gorgeous.