September 30, 2010

sigma brushes reviews

The lovely people at Sigma have sent me a few more brushes to review. The brushes that were sent to me a few months ago have all held up really well and still work just as good. Here is what I got sent..

Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki - F80
$16.00 (£10.11)

A lot of people describe this as their 'holy grail' foundation brush and to be honest they are right on the money. If you want a brush that you can use for liquid foundation, cream foundation and powders then this is perfect and extremely versatile. I find that it works flawlessly along with maybelline dream matte mousse and they are literally a match made in heaven. It works equally as well with liquid foundation and blends it into the skin perfectly. The only issue that I have with the brush is that it is difficult to clean as it is so dense, it takes forever to get all the product out of the bristles and to dry off. However, if you aren't willing to pay for lots of different brushes for your different foundations then this brush is ideal for you.

Tapered Highlighter - F35
$16.00 (£10.11)

I use this brush for contouring, and I swear, it is amazing. I am far from a pro when it comes to complicated things like contouring and for years I have been trying to perfect the skill, but as soon as I got this brush I have been getting my contouring on my cheeks just right every time. Used with a light hand and the correct bronzer colour (sleek contour palette) it is as easy as pie. It also works just as well with highlighter and applies just the right amount.

Blending - E25
$9.00 (£5.69)

Yet again, a perfect brush. It does the job of blending out eyeshadow to create a smokey eye or to smudge eyeliner brilliantly. It is slightly dense so is really easy to work with and takes half the time to blend eyeshadow compared to a normal blending brush. I've been using this every day since it arrived to smudge my eyeliner and I can't fault it.

Buffer - F45
$19.00 (£12.01)

I have been forever wanting to splurge on a Mac kabuki brush but never quite managed to go through with the purchase as they cost £31.50 each! So the sigma buffer brush seemed like the best option. I also use this everyday to apply my Mac face powder and it does the job well. It's very soft and buffs the powder into my skin really well. The only downside is that, as you can see, it has slightly lost it's shape.

I would seriously recommend you to make an order with Sigma, if you are a complete beginner to make up or fairly experienced. You really can't go wrong by ordering some of their brushes as they are most definitely the best option on the market, both for price and quality. They deliver to the UK and shipping is quick, so go for it!


  1. great review and nice pictures! I have these brushes as well and love them! :)

  2. i hv thesee too loveeee them!!

  3. Those look great I've been looking for some new brushes!
    Did you have to pay customs tax for them since they're from the us? :)