September 27, 2010

neal's yard pumice foot scrub

Neal's Yard very kindly sent me a few products not long ago to try out, and the Pumice Foot Scrub was one of them. I don't tend to struggle with hard skin on my feet but obviously I do want them to be as smooth as possible. I usually use a pumice stone on them every now and then when I do myself a pedicure which usually works well but isn't very satisfying. I absolutely love Neal's Yard and most of the products that I have tried by them, and this is no exception. It feels really invigorating on application and is really simple to use, you just rub it in with circular motions. My feet instantly felt soft and smooth afterwards and I continue to use it every week or so. It also looks gorgeous on my bathroom shelf with all the other Neal's Yard products in blue glass jars.

''Exfoliating peach seed and pumice combined with softening mallow and cleansing ginger mint to freshen and smooth.''

It's priced at £13.70 which is a decent price considering you only need to use a little amount each time and you can find it on the Neal's Yard website, here.


  1. I just want to say that I adore your blog and your style.

  2. want! i find neal's yard products very honest and trustworthy :) xo