June 26, 2010

glitter tipped nails

In my opinion, doing your french tips with white glitter rather than white nail polish looks much more up to date. I used to wear a french manicure all the time, but I got really bored of it and haven't worn it for years, as it is so, um, predictable? I just bought a big pack of white glitter from Paperchase for £1.50 and the pink base coat was Secret Affair nail polish by Essie which I love. All you have to do is wait for the pink colour to dry, then apply your top coat just over the tip of your nail, as you would normally apply the white colour for a french manicure. Then dip the tip of your nail that you just painted in the glitter, brush off the excess glitter and wait for it to dry then apply your top coat. Simple!
In the light -

In the shade -


  1. Oh my gawwwsh, this is gorgeous Jess!
    I would never have thought of that
    I need to try it !!

  2. Aww, they look really cute I'll definately have to give it a go when I have some time free!



  3. So cute, they remind me of cupcakes hehe :)

    P.S : You have great nails!

  4. Omg it looks gorgeous! I sooooo want to do this with my nails now! But their not long enough haha. :) xxx

  5. your nails look fab!

    did you see BubzBeauty's recent nail tutorial on this? She makes it look so simple!


    youtube: www.youtube.com/emzeet

  6. my nails are all white glitter! I will definatley be trying this xx

  7. Oh my God, that looks soooo cute! I'm picking up some glitter on my next shopping trip!x