June 20, 2010

lush volcano foot mask burnt my feet

A few weeks ago I tried out Lush Volcano Foot Mask, expecting it to be gentle and sooth my feet, and the complete opposite happened. 

I applied about half a hand full onto each foot, then wrapped my feet in cling film as advised, and waited 15 minutes. My soon quickly started to feel prickly and sore, but I thought I would wait until the 15 minutes was up. I then went to wash the product of my feet, and once the foot mask had all come off, my feet looked as if they had bad sun burn. It was very uncomfortable and the skin on my feet felt very raw. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't 'unbearable' pain, but it definitely wasn't pleasant, and not something you would expect from a foot mask. I'm not sure whether I may have just had a bad reaction to the foot mask, but I wouldn't advise anyone to risk it. After a few hours, my feet started to look and feel normal again. It seems that it lived up to the name 'Volcano', making my feet red and feeling burnt. 
Not the prettiest sight.. sorry!

I wrote to Lush about what had happened, and as we all know, Lush are great at customer service, and sent me out a box of goodies. 

In the package..
 Butterball Bath Ballistic (smells yum and leaves my skin silky smooth) 
 Dream Cream (not tried this yet)
Almond & Coconut Shower Smoothie (literally one of the nicest things I have ever smelt, and makes my skin lovely and soft)
Sultana of Soap (yet again, this smells amazing, I haven't used it yet as I want to save it to smell!)


  1. Aww that was good, cant believe the scrub done that too your feet :O hope all is ok now. xxxx

  2. Ouch! Well that doesn't seem right... At least you got the goodies! :)
    Tonia xx

  3. OOOH no!! do you think it was some random ingredient in the foot mask that made that flare up? Ouch, poor you :( hope your tootsies are better now xxx

  4. This is definately going on my AVOID list, your feet look really sore. You poor petal :(

  5. ouch that's awful! i have sensitive skin so that's for the warning.


  6. Ouch! did they say what might have caused it?? I need a good foot scrub but maybe this one is too harsh...great of them to send you the goodies though!