March 09, 2010

lush oatifix fresh face mask review

I have really been loving Lush face packs recently, mainly because I know that I'm not putting anything on my skin that will irritate it. I have only just discovered the skincare side to Lush the last few months, and I'm so glad that I did. I have always seen some bits and bobs regarding skincare/haircare in Lush the last few years but for some reason I always stuck to the bath bombs, as I didn't know what to try first from their skincare range. So I dipped my toe in the water and found some real gems. I have so far tried Cupcake, Oatifix and Catastrophe Cosmetic face masks. I have already done a review of the Cupcake face mask, you can find it HERE. The second one I tried was Oatifix. My first thoughts on this was how gorgeous it smells. I kid you not I was wowed at first. It smells so yummy, just like honey and banana (obviously because those are the ingredients) but as soon as I smelt it I was in heaven. Application is fairly easy but you should leave it out of the fridge for 20 minutes or so before applying or otherwise lumps of it will fall off your face as it did with me. I just left it on for 10 minutes or so and washed it off my skin to reveal soft and glowing skin.  At £6.45 you get around 3 or 4 uses, so it works out at good value for money. Also, if you take back 5 black pots to lush you receive a fresh face mask for free, if you are familiar with the 'Back 2 Mac' scheme at Mac cosmetics, it's very similar. I can't pick my favourite face mask yet as they all smell divine and give different results. But this is the best all-rounder. I will be doing a review on the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask shortly also!

Have a great day and keep smiling!


  1. oooh, i need to try one of their fresh face masks!
    this sounds like it would be lovely :)
    thanks for the review!

  2. @Laura yeah you really do :) I love them.
    and it's a pleasure :D

  3. This was next on my list to buy!! Yay great review xx