June 09, 2017

laser hair removal: ten months in

Every six weeks since last August, I've made the journey into the city for my laser hair removal treatments. I happen to live just a fifteen minute drive from the clinic so popping in at lunch or early evening has always been perfectly convenient for me. 

It's worth mentioning that being a brunette with olive toned skin, I've always been cursed with fairly thick and dark body hair. I'm also obsessive when it comes to beauty routines and keeping on top of hair removal, so more than anything I just found it a complete pain to keep up with shaving daily. 

For the past ten months since beginning my course of laser hair removal, I've been shaving once a week instead of once a day. I'm also now free of the joys of shaving rash and ingrown hairs, and have found my skin to feel much smoother now it isn't harassed by a metal razor every day. The best part of all is my underarms look lighter and brighter as there's no roots of thick, dense hair sitting under the skin. 

I'm guessing the most burning question amongst most of you will be on the pain factor. I found my upper lip to hurt at around 7/10 every time, but considering it's all over within a few seconds it's nowhere near unbearable. There's also a certain part of my leg near the bone that had me gritting my teeth every now and then, and the same goes for near the ankles, but all in all it has never put me off from going back. The treatment is based on upping the strength of the laser after each and every appointment, but as the hair gets less dense the pain decreases. I found that the first few treatments were the most painful, and it gradually got easier and easier from there. You also might find that your skin reacts into developing nettle sting like bumps but they'll disappear within an hour or two. The ladies are all super careful at monitoring your skin reactions and progress, so at no point did I ever feel concerned or confused by minor bruising or red patches etc. 

With my summer holiday to Croatia fast approaching, I couldn't possibly be any more thrilled with the results. If I had known just how good everything would turn out, I would have happily started saving up for the treatment years ago as I think it's a really sensible investment. I'll never be back to shaving at the same rate again which is a dream come true. That's not to say that every single hair will be gone forever, think of it more as a huge reduction for the foreseeable future.

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