July 31, 2016

the ultimate clear out guide

Over the last few weeks (yes, weeks!) I have taken time out of every single day to slowly but surely work my way through the mass of make up, skincare, hair and nail products that I've amassed over the last five or so years. I had an overflowing Ikea Alex unit, along with plastic boxes full of products lying around the house waiting to be sorted through. Upon having the realisation that I'd clearly developed a clearcut case of hauding and after beginning to feel weighed down by the sheer amount of unnecessary items I had, I thought girl, enough is enough! I've since ditched over 100 nail polishes, given away skincare products and sold items of make up all in the name of transitioning to a life of only having what I use on a regular basis.

•  The case of the 'just in case'. If your reasoning for keeping a product is because you try to convince yourself that you may want to use it at some point in the future, wave goodbye. Same goes for shades of lipstick, blush and nail polish that you think you may come to like.

•  Gucci gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada. A product that you aren't so keen on but you're holding onto it because it's by a high end brand, such as Mac or Nars and so on? Sell it and watch the coins roll in.

•  But it's nearly full. My turning point in being able to clear out so much was coming to accept that the majority of products I'd barely used yet kept were ones that I obviously didn't even want to continue trying out, by far the most valid reason to either chuck it or give away to someone else.

The ancient artefact. I'm sure we are all guilty of stashing away mascaras, nail polishes, foundations and face creams all in the hope that they will somehow be as good as new months and even years down the line. Use it or lose it. 

•  Don't be a sucker for pretty boxes. Keeping excess packaging just because it looks pretty is not a valid reason to have a drawer full of them, take it from someone who still had Sleek palettes from 2011 still in their boxes. I also tend to bin any cases, bags or boxes that sets come in, such as the manicure clutch in the bottom right of the photo below, as I never put things back and lose track of them too quickly to bother with keeping sets together. 

If you really struggle with letting things go, a key tip is to reward yourself as you go. As I was parting ways with my monstrous nail polish collection, I decided on treating myself to a couple of everyday shades once I'd finished the job.

I really hope this so called guide helped some of you product hauders, yes I know you're out there! Please do share your tips if you have any words of wisdom.

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