June 30, 2016

products to ease stress and anxiety

For me, stress and anxiety affect me in similar ways but I always find it so important to work out which I'm feeling so that I can treat it in the best way. Stress usually comes from feeling overworked, tired out and in need of some rest, which is why a warm bubbly bath is usually the best remedy. Whereas anxiety often comes from a build up of negative energy and is best cured by a long walk by the lake with Milo or a peppermint tea and an uplifting face mask. Then at the worst of times when I'm feeling a mixture of the two, I will mix up my remedies rather than focusing intensely on too many relaxing scents for example.

Neal's Yard Lavender Bath Salts (£14.50) | Each time I have a bath, I will without fail go overboard on the bubbles and then sprinkle in bath salts as the cherry on the cake if I'm in need of some extra indulgence. A lot I've tried in the past seem to just melt away into nothingness, whereas this version from Neal's Yard is potent enough to be the real deal. 

Neal's Yard Neroli Oil (£22.50) | If you're familiar with feelings of stress and anxiety, please take my advice and invest in an oil burner along with some good quality oils to burn. It's the most effective way of filling your whole room (and house!) with a powerful scent that can be the best friend to any kind of mood that you're in. I have a handful of different scents that I swap and change depending on how I'm feeling, but by far my absolute favourite goes to Neroli, despite the price tag.

Korres Jasmine Body Milk (£10) | After my bath has gone cold and it's time to admit defeat and get out, if I'm still feeling stressy then I notch my routine up to intensive level and apply a nourishing body cream, all the better if it has a relaxing scent such as this jasmine version.

Clipper Snore and Peace Tea (£2.10) | The worst side effect of feeling stressed is tossing and turning at night trying to drift off to sleep. The right cup of tea can really do wonders and along with some chilled music or the rain sounds app, makes dropping off all that easier. 

Neal's Yard Cleanse Oil (£9.70) | My second favourite oil from Neal's Yard is this cleansing blend, formulated to both cleanse and focus the mind. I like to have this burning in the living room on days that I'm feeling either sluggish or suffering from a wave of anxiety. The touch of peppermint oil is subtle enough to not be overwhelming yet gives the blend a refreshing edge which I truly love.

Kiehl's Cactus Flower Hydrating Mist (£18) | A recent discovery of mine to combat general low mood and fatigue, is facial sprays, my best-loved of which being this travel sized version from Kiehl's. A couple of mists straight onto my face instantly lifts my mood and brightens up my skin too, genius.

Kiehl's Cilantro & Orange Extract Masque (£25.20) | As most masques simply get washed away down the sink after application, they often feel wasteful and put me off from ever wanting to use them on a regular basis. Saying that, this little pot from Kiehl's is an absolute game changer as only the smallest amount is needed which can then be left on the skin to sink in overnight. It works wonderfully on my dry skin to give me the joy of waking up with a radiant and nourished looking complexion both instantly and the day after.

Neom Tranquility Skin Treatment Candle (£36) | Scented candles and body oils are two of my favourite luxuries in life, so you can imagine how much it thrills me to have a product that does both. I'm a real fusspot when it comes to candle scents, I don't like anything too strongly scented and I'm usually drawn to those which stand out from the rest. Neom have it nailed with the mixture of scents used in the tranquility candle and the oil it creates is of incredible quality too. 

Please do let me know what your tips and tricks to defeat both stress and anxiety are! Check out how much better Mr Cactus is now looking too.. 

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