December 21, 2014

christmas scented candles

The best part about Christmas? Festive scented candles of course. I love nothing more than drawing the curtains, turning on the fairy lights around the tree and lighting a scented candle of two. I'm usually not such a fan of cinnamon scents as a rule, but Christmas Wish by Neom has become my favourite candle as of late just because it's simply so christmassy without being too strong. I also love the little sampler candles from Yankee Candle and find they are the best way to discover new scents without investing in the huge jars. If you're after a fresh scent then check out 2ème Arrondissement by & Other Stories, or 7:e Våningen if you prefer smoky, woody fragrances. Let me know what your favourite scented candles are, I'm a complete addict so would love some suggestions.

| Neom Christmas Wish | £30
| Yankee Candle Samplers | £1.75 each

| & Other Stories 2ème Arrondissement and 7:e Våningen Candles | £17 each


  1. I love Fig scented candles, they smell so homely & inviting.

  2. Yankee Candles are my favourite brand of candles. So affordable and great. Their Christmas scents are amazing x


  3. I haven't smelled icicle yet! I love Christmas Candles especially from Yankee Candle, their my Favourite!!X


  4. Absolutely love Christmas scented candles!

  5. I had a giant Yankee Candle snowflake cookie for my birthday. It smells amazing
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  6. I love candles at Christmas - the yankee ones look so nice especially the Icicles one - haven't smelled that before!

    Beth // Bethany Georgina

  7. I want these!!! I will surely grab these candles. My Christmas is not complete without scented candles smelling over the house :)