August 05, 2014

lush sweetie pie gift box

A lot of the time gift boxes can be hit and miss in the way that they include a few products that you will love along with some that aren't so much of interest, luckily this one from Lush includes a bunch of sweet smelling bath treats that are all equally as wonderful. If you've already tried out one or two of the products in this set then I guarantee you will like the rest, they are all very similar and have a candy floss type scent. Apparently this gift box has just been discontinued (boo!) but if you are in the mood to try out some new Lush products then I'd mostly recommend the creamy candy bubble bar and sweetie pie shower jelly out of the box. 
rock star soap - £3.40 |


  1. This is such a good box, what a shame it's been discontinued! xx

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. This looks lovely, I would buy it for myself!

  3. Really like this gift box, a shame it's been discontinued when it's one of the better boxes x

    Kate | A British Sparkle