June 07, 2014

garnier ultimate blends sleek restorer shampoo and conditioner

Lets start off with the talking about the packaging, I'm really not a fan. It just looks so old fashion and not in a good way, just dated and lacking any style. The product itself is a bit blah too unfortunately, it works well enough but isn't anything that wowed me and for that reason these aren't products I'd look at buying again. They did clean my hair well and leave it feeling fairly soft but I also found that my hair needed to be washed again sooner meaning they were probably too heavy for my hair type. On a lighter note, they smell yummy due to the coconut and cocoa and for that reason I will finish off by saying if you are looking for a shampoo and conditioner at a cheap price that will leave your hair smelling divine then give them a go just don't expect any incredible results on the look and feel of your hair. I might be being a bit harsh on poor old Garnier here but I'm yet to find another range of shampoo and conditioner that wow me as the L'Oreal Ever Riche products do.

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