June 13, 2014

benefit recruitment update and giveaway

Most of you will know by now all about the complaint I made to Benefit after the experience I had with their recruitment day, and how I was also displeased with the follow up reply that I got from them. Since then, Benefit sent me a tweet to let me know that my complaint was being taken to the HR Director and further to that I then had a half hour phone call with her. She was a really nice, understanding lady and genuinely seemed interested in the experience I had and how they could improve to make sure it wouldn't happen again. She's assured me that Benefit are now reviewing their HR processes and in addition to this I'm going to be meeting up with her soon to give some more feedback and to hear about which areas in particular they will be improving on. Of course part of me is concerned that if I wasn't a blogger would my opinion still have been taken so seriously, the reality is that it probably wouldn't have, but even so I'm still impressed that they've now taken a hands-on approach and have admitted fault rather than just sending excuses via email. I think that the fact they proposed the idea of meeting up to further get to the bottom of things and then use my feedback as a way of improving is definitely a big sign that they are going above and beyond to make sure all candidates have the best experience possible at all stages of the recruitment process. I asked the HR director if there was anything that she'd like to say to include within my post and here's what she said;

"In all areas of our business, we constantly look to see how we can improve the Benefit experience.  Not only is this critical for our customers and our employees but we also want potential candidates to the brand to have a positive Benefit experience no matter of their final outcome.  We are currently reviewing some of our selection methods to ensure that we continue to recruit the very best; in an innovative, dynamic and fun way that truly fits within our brand DNA"   
The most shocking thing to me was all of the feedback I was getting from comments and twitter about how many girls also had similar experiences and that was the reason I then decided to pursue my complaint this far. I really want to stress how important it is to complain; no company has the chance to improve where it's going wrong if no one ever tells them about it!

I will of course keep you all updated as ever but for now Benefit have sent over some goodies as a way of beginning to get back in all of your good books and to show they are making steps back in the right direction. This lot is worth a whopping £130! 

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  1. I'm glad they are starting to take this seriously, it's not on the way candidates are treating during these recruitment days, it's worse than an audition.

    I'm so glad you pursued your complaint, thank you!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  2. It's great that their now taking action and hoping to improve with the employing process, I'm so glad they took you seriously and it seems to be a step forward in the right direction. x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  3. I'm really glad that you pursued your complaint, people should do that more often. :)

  4. So glad they have taken this seriously and are taking the necessary steps. I've loved following your journe of sorts whilst making complaints and your posts have been so great, the way you were treated and the whole process was so unprofessional, it's definitely great that they are taking it seriously and no simply shaking it off with a blunt email.

  5. That's good news! It's really good that you decided to complain in order to let them know what they did wrong and how they could improve it!

    By the way, is the giveaway for UK residents only or is it open internationally? I'd love a chance to win!
    Thank you! :)

  6. thanks for this amazing giveaway! really hope i win

  7. Glad you're getting taken seriously now, hands up for them. ALthough I understand what you mean- if you wern't a blogger, would they be going this professional with it? x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  8. I'm glad that you're finally getting proper feedback from benefit! I've read your other posts and was quite shocked about how everything went down. And I have to say I've seen other bloggers say similar things! So I think it's really great that you stood up to them and showed them what the problem was!
    Can't wait to see what the final outcome will be!
    xx Ann-Kathrin


  9. Wow! It's really a good news. :) Hoping to win, I really love benefit cosmetics :)


  10. that's great that they're making changes! Xxx

  11. Goof for you! I'm glad they are taking you seriously.

  12. Glad that they are taking some action. Wonderful giveaway

  13. To be honest, this is the first time I've read about the recruiting process as a beauty advisor. Most, if not all of the beauty advisors I've talked to in my country seems to know less about the products they're selling than me. I always search for reviews or googled the products I wanted to buy, but I still asks for the beauty advisors' opinion. Okay, back to Benefit. The way they treated the candidates are definitely not good. The email reply only added gas to the fire. However, their decision to meet up with you is somehow a good thing to do. I hope they will take into considerations of this experience. Bloggers are someone to watch out for because IMO they really help with product sales and future developments.

    And thank you for the giveaway!