May 29, 2014

goodbye starvioletbeauty.com

..and hello thebeautyseries.com! After four and a half years I've finally decided to bite the bullet and  to change the name of my blog. I've changed all my social media names too so that everything links together, there's definitely no going back now which is a slightly scary thought. I didn't hate my old blog name but I made it at just the age of fifteen and I feel my motivation for blogging was starting to fade a little, now I can well and truly say that my blog reflects exactly what I want it to which for the first time ever feels great to say. When thinking of a new blog name I just wanted something incredibly simple yet easy to remember and hopefully this one will do the job. All of my old blog posts seem to be transferring already along with the old homepage link, I have definitely surprised myself with learning some new tech skills to sort everything out with no glitches along the way and what took less than an hour. As much as it is what feels like a huge change, it's more of a fresh chapter of the same book rather than a new one altogether. Don't forget to check out my lifestyle blog too for all for recent travel posts on switzerland and paris, jesscarose.com.


  1. I love the new name! :)


  2. Fab new name! Like you it took me years before I decided to change my blog name, and now a few months later I'm glad I did it!

  3. Great choice xxx