May 28, 2014

aesop fabulous face cleanser

Aesop are well on their way to becoming my new skincare brand, I'm head over heels for the packaging and love the simplicity of their products. Recently I've been having a go with the fabulous face cleanser and love using it as a luxurious face wash before bed. I often run myself a bubble bath and massage this into my skin then rinse off to reveal fresh and baby soft skin ready for my night cream to sink straight into. It creates a silky lather but doesn't foam too much meaning that it's nice and easy to wash off quickly, I imagine it would be great for sensitive skin as it doesn't include a foaming agent which is known to irritate problem skin. I just wish that it came with a pump attachment as it would be less messy than pouring it directly out of the glass bottle, but if you are after a simple yet effective gel cleanser that will leave your skin squeaky clean without feeling stripped and dried out then this is the perfect option.


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