March 11, 2014

blistex lip care products

A bunch of Blistex products landed through my door at just the right time as I've been suffering from cracked and very dry lips lately. The Relief Cream (£2.59) is the first thing I reach for when my lips are at the stage of being too sore for most balms to work, it feels soothing and works quicker than anything else at relieving chapped lips. The packaging is slightly annoying though as if you accidentally dent it when it's new a lot of product gets wasted. Once my lips are feeling slightly more healed I tend to use the Intensive Moisturiser (£2.59) which is slightly more hydrating and is less thick feeling on the lips. The Daily Lip Conditioner (£2.59) is equally as soothing and makes a great base for lipstick as it's moisturising without leaving any kind of gloss finish. For everyday use, the Moisture Max (£2.49) is perfect as it is both light-feeling and moisturising, along with Raspberry Lemonade Blast (£1.75) which tastes yummy and Lip Brilliance (£2.59) which leaves a slight pink tint on the lips.


  1. Weird timing, just starting using blistex products this weekend. I've been taking acne medication that dried my lips right up and this works like a dream :)

  2. Wow!!! Never knew that there are other products than lip balms. Gotta check on these. I am into lip products lately. Good thing that I have past by your blog.