January 29, 2014

chloé eau de parfum

Firstly, you may notice that my blog has had a little make over, it's not a huge change but I spent hours getting to grips with html sorting all of the tiniest details out. I finally feel like I can officially call myself a blogger again! Anyhow, back to the perfume. I've loved this scent for years but only just got round to having my very own bottle, it's the most beautiful powdery fragrance with just a slight sweetness which makes for the perfect daytime scent. It smells so light and fresh yet delicate, almost like the scent of parma violets. Isn't the bottle just adorable too? You absolutely must have a try of this if you are a fan of powdery scents, it's currently pipped my stella mccartney perfume to the post in becoming my new signature scent.


  1. No word of a lie, everytime I go into a store with perfume, I sample this and I still haven't bought it!


    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  2. sounds great! really want to try it hehe - the bottle is gorgeous xxxx

  3. Oh I love the sell of this perfume, the bottle is so pretty too xx