January 23, 2014

acrylic nail polish display

I have a ridiculous amount of nail polishes that I've collected over the years and had them all hidden away in my Ikea Alex drawer unit up until I invested in this genius little acrylic stand a couple of days ago. I was debating between different sizes for quite a while and figured that I didn't want one that was too bulky but also wanted to be able to fit most of my polishes on it too, so decided on the three shelf unit. Mine arrived within days and I'm really pleased with the overall look of it, it definitely doesn't look cheap at all, especially filled with lots of glittery polishes! Lots of different shaped bottles all fit in perfectly, it's by far the best way to keep your polishes organised without having to dig around in a drawer or end up losing the one you wear most. 


  1. It looks great! I'm looking for nail polish storage, I ideally need something for a wall but this looks great!

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  2. ohh, i love this storage, definitely be getting one of these, makes it look so neat and tidy! x

  3. I have similar storage for mine, so handy!

  4. ooh i love how it looks! i really need to organise my nail polishes better xx

  5. This looks great, I want all the polishes ha! x
    Sweet Dreams