August 16, 2012

hair removal roll-on kit

As a trained beauty therapist, I am no stranger to waxing which is why I was excited to try this roll-on wax kit that was kindly sent to me to try out. Having spent the last year of my life waxing away at client's legs I had yet to purchase my own kit for at home use. Waxing other peoples legs is one thing, but being able to grit your teeth and pull a load of hairs out of your own legs isn't very appealing. However that being said I opened up the kit and plugged the roll-on in to heat up (which takes around 20 minutes) and let the leg waxing commence. I had never tried a roll-on before as I was trained using waxing pots and spatulas which are both messy and time consuming so to be able to roll the wax onto my skin in one quick movement was dreamy. You then remove the wax using a paper strip as with normal wax in the opposite direction of your hair growth. When it comes down to the pain of waxing it varies from person to person but I can happily wax away all of my leg hair without much discomfort due to having thin and sparse leg hairs. The whole process of waxing both legs took me just ten minutes and given I'm not the speediest person in the world I was impressed by that. The cartridge that came with the kit was a standard size however you can also purchase a smaller version that is ideal for areas such as the bikini line (as pictured above). After the waxing was completed I applied the post-waxing oil to remove any stray wax from my legs and give my skin some nourishment. I am definitely a complete waxing convert and being able to have a kit like this handy means that I will stay away from razors in an effort to achieve smoother legs. The pros of waxing over shaving are that not only does the hair take longer to grow back (I find it takes a week or two) but over time if you continue waxing the leg hairs will become more sparse and begin to fade away as it were. I really would recommend having a go at waxing at home, you don't have to be trained to do so but make sure that you have a read of the booklet provided if its your first go. The cartridges cost just £2.50 separately and come in tons of options such as sensitive, tough hair, relaxing and so on, so there is no excuse for hairy legs as you can stock up for next to nothing. I found that the cartridge lasted for around 6 full leg waxes which is around a two month supply depending on how often you wax.

The kit costs just £35 which I think is really reasonable considering it includes:

- A Candy Vanilla roll-on wax heater
- A professional Honey wax cartridge
- A pack of 10 strips
- A bottle of softening post-waxing oil (125ml)

As the kit is shipped over from France you will also have to purchase an adaptor for the plug however these are cheap and easy to get hold of from supermarkets or tech shops.

10% discount on your order using the code: STARVIOLETBEAUTY


  1. This does seem very reasonable! Does it work better than the pre waxed strips? xx


    1. yes, the roll-on wax sticks to the hairs much better :)

  2. I find waxing really messy and annoying. I much prefer epilating!
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