August 11, 2012

blog update

Firstly, as you may have noticed I've given my blog a make over. I've been working on the design for the past few days and countless html codes and photoshopped images later it's all done and dusted. I much prefer this design to the old one as it has a more sleek feel and is easier to navigate, I hope you all like it too. Secondly I've made a bigcartel store for my blogger buttons so that it couldn't be any easier to purchase a space, and I've also reduced the prices. Last but not least my french skincare giveaway ends soon and I'm aiming to try and get 1k entries, if this happens I will include some extra prizes so make sure that you've entered!


  1. I loved your old layout and love this too! HTML coding is a big no-no for me! Soo complicated lol


  2. Lovely new layout :) It looks really sleek and easy to navigate (not that your old one wasn't!) :)

    Frances xx