October 21, 2011

rimmel instant art nail wraps

Hi dolls, just a quick post today on the Rimmel Instant Art nail wraps that I have been  given an exclusive sneak peek of before they hit the shops.

The strips are surprisingly easy to apply and literally take half of the time to painting your nails, and then of course the best bit is you don't have to wait around for them to dry! I've posted on nail wraps before so don't really need to go in depth about how they are applied, but basically they are perfect for any nail polish addict that doesn't have the time to faff around with polish. Just place on the nail, rub down and file off the excess wrap, simple. I found that they lasted the same amount of time as a normal polish would without a topcoat, so basically a couple of days before the tips started to chip.

I am in love with the Union Jack design especially with the grungy grey and black shades, definitely something to try for Autumn/Winter.

This was a sponsored post

The nail wraps are now available on the Asos website for £6.99 and in Superdrug stores.



  1. Oh, that is so pretty!

    "I am in love with the Union Jack design especially with the grungy grey and black shades"

    I agree!

  2. Can't wait to try these and see what other styles they release!

  3. Wow you've applied them so well. Usually when I see posts about nail wraps they can be a little rough around the edges either not meeting the edge of the nail or overlapping. It's put me off trying out the two packs of nail wraps sitting in my drawer but seeing how perfectly you've got it is making me consider giving it a go! xx

  4. these look great! i love nail wraps as they let you have designs on your nails without faffing around with loads of nail polishes!

  5. Your blog is so nice. The nails wraps looks awesome. xx

  6. This kind of nail art is getting so popular now! Must try it out soon! :)

  7. Hi, they look lovely! I went into Superdrug today to get some only to be told there is a product recall on the entire range! Do you know anything about this?