August 15, 2011

I had my hair done at FOUR

Recently the lovely ladies at Four London worked their magic on my hair in their salon based in central London (literally a two minute walk from Hamley's). I went for my first appointment around 6 weeks ago now where they used a cleanse treatment on my hair to remove the stubborn red tint that I had on. I had been to another salon a few weeks beforehand where they used a bleaching process and scrubbed at my hair (which brought me close to tears) which basically left my hair dry and damaged but after all that didn't even remove the red! Thankfully the treatment at Four was nothing like that and I simply had a lotion applied to my hair and sat with it left on for thirty minutes and then had it simply washed out, genius. It removed all of the red tint and from then I had an ash brown colour applied as a base colour and then had some lovely blonde highlights through the ends. After that I had an amazing hair mask applied while in the process of having my hair washed, it felt so relaxing and did the world of good for my dry/damaged hair. I then had the most amazing blow dry which left my hair looking completely gorgeous and full of volume.

A few weeks later I decided to go even blonder and went back for more! I can't recommend the salon enough if you are a lady that can afford luxury in your life, that place is literally hair heaven. They even have iPads to play with while your hair dye is working away and a proper menu to choose from if you are feeling peckish including lots of posh fruit teas. I can't fault the salon whatsoever and if any of you ever have a hair colour disaster Four London should be the first place you look, they are branded as 'the colour specialists' after all. And if the salon is good enough for a handful of celebs then it's certainly good enough for me.

The finished result


  1. This salon looks amazing, and your hair looks lovely! I've always had my hair cut, coloured and styles at the same place by the same person, I can't imagine having it done anywhere else!

  2. That does sound heavenly! The place looks beautiful. So sleek and professional. If only I was in London already!

    I've been following ya!

    Please follow my blog if you haven't yet and if you can my twitter too! (Viva_La_Breee)

    xoxo, Bree


  3. Wow, All I get when I have my hair done is luke warm water in a plastic cup lol, Oooh I can only dream :-)

  4. You are gorgeous. And that salon sounds amazing!

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous with the blonde highlights!

  6. Ipads!

    wish I had that sort of treatment when I go to the hairdresser!

    Nominated you for a blog award hun because I love your site :)


  7. The salon looks amazing, I'll definitely be tempted to head down there next time I have a dye disaster (the student budget dictates I take csre of my roots myself), but your hair looks gorgeous! xx

  8. Your hair looks gorgous!
    ~xoxo Maddie♥

  9. I'll definitely be saving for a trip there! I really want to do the whole 'ombre' thing, but I'm a little scared! xXx

  10. Oh the salon look awesome and your hairstyle aswell!