July 11, 2010

my 'holy grail' brow product..

Forget eyebrow pencils, eyeshadow for the brows, and spending ages trying to get perfectly defined eyebrows. Forget it! Bobbi Brown has come up with the most genius product that I have ever tried for the brows. I often get quite a lot of comments on my brows, and they are something that I take fairly seriously and I pluck them to perfection most nights. Enough about plucking & waxing for now, I will cover all of my brow grooming routines and habits in another post. So, when I saw goss make up artist saying how great Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper was, on youtube, I had to give it a go! I used to spend quite a while in the mornings using a dark powder eyeshadow through my eyebrows to make them look thick and defined. I was relived when I first tried the Natural Brow Shaper, as it takes so many minutes off my brow routine. All you have to do is literally swipe the mascara style brush loaded with a dark cream product through my brows, and after about 5 seconds on each brow, they would look thick and in place. It lasts all day and does not go crusty on the eyebrow hairs at all! It is my holy grail product for the brows and I couldn't recommend it enough. Anyone that is still bothering to use a powder eyeshadow through the brows or an eyebrow pencil really should check it out, it is the most fool proof and easy to use product ever.

I sweep the brush through my eyebrows and shape the part at the front of my eyebrow slightly upwards. If you are worried about having thin and sparse eyebrows, just push the hairs up with the wand and then lightly shape back. I use the shade 'dark brown' which is perfect for my complexion and hair colour. Mine has already lasted me 6 months and still works fine, if not better, as the product has dried up a little, making it easier to use. The Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper costs just £13.00 and you can purchase it from the Bobbi Brown website or at a Bobbi Brown counter near you.




  1. your brows are the perfect shape, they look so defined. Nice review

    Lu xo

  2. Oh thanks for the heads up, this sounds perfect for me :) x

  3. This looks really interesting, think I might pop this on the wishlist! xxx

  4. Looks like a great product. I use MAC's 'Girl Boy' brow set. I have dark black brows, and this thing from MAc softens my eyebrows. :)

    i'll try it when I ran out of MAC brow mascara.


  5. Ahhhh I SO need this! I too spend ages in the morning sweeping brown powder through my eyebrows, and they never stay in place.

    Thanks for the post. Will be popping over to Selfridges soon. :) xx