January 30, 2016

zoeva rose golden luxury brush set


At long last I have jumped aboard the Zoeva brush bandwagon. Besides trying out a Sigma set when I first started blogging (6 years ago!), and investing in the odd Mac and Real Techniques brush, I've never owned a proper brush set as such. Although brush sets are a considerable investment, I truly do believe that they are the basis of building up a decent makeup collection. All the better if they're rose gold too.

After giving each and every brush a good test out, I can confirm that they are well worth the hype surrounding them. My award of favourite brush has to go to the 104 Buffer simply because it's such a great allrounder at applying liquid, cream and powder foundation. I'm going to put it out there and go as far as to say that it's without a doubt the best foundation brush that I've ever used. Second best is 109 Luxe Face Paint (the fanned out looking one) as it's perfect to create a precise contour on the cheeks without loading on too much product. There truly isn't one single brush in the whole set that I won't be using on a regular basis and that has been anything less than the standard of even Mac brushes. I also love how the handles are slightly shorter than most brushes, meaning that they don't end up taking up more than their fair share of space in a makeup bag. 

Although I'm hugely impressed by the set, I'm not such a fan of the clutch case that is included and think they look a million times prettier in a Mac clear case. If you've spent a decent amount of money on a brush set you want to be able to show them off right?

The set without a doubt gets my *buy it, you won't regret it* stamp of approval and in the way of value for money I'd say they are spot on for price!