December 17, 2015

the christmas gift guide: safe bets

Slight change of plan with the Christmas gift guides. I won't bore you all on the details but life got in the way and I highly apologise as I was so looking forward to getting these up in plenty of time this year. I'm really hoping there are some of you who are as last minute as I am and will still get some good use out of my last few gift guides, and if not, perhaps just treat yourself to some of them. I was slightly tempted to just round the remaining guides all up in one post, but as I'd put so much effort into the price ranges for each gift guide I'm going to stick to my original plan. This means my next post will be purse friendly ideas and will be going up tomorrow, followed by stocking fillers on Saturday.

I've themed this post as safe bets since each product has a mid-range price point, can be relied upon to make almost anyone feel over the moon and all of which still have delivery in time for Christmas.

Label.m Fashion Fix Nouveau Knot Gift Set (£26) | Personally, I'm a firm believer that haircare is far too overlooked when it comes to gift giving. I'm not a big spender in the hair department or particularly creative with my barnet meaning I would certainly love to receive a how-to kit such as this. Included is everything you will need to create the look on front of the box, which is a concept I am so very impressed by. 

Nuxe Prodigieux Set (£30) | In the way of skincare, I'm a huge advocate of French pharmacy brands. So much so that I could happily never use anything else. Nuxe is high up there on my list of top rated and I genuinely urge the lot of you to have a look at their products if you haven't already. This set is ideal to try out a few of their bestsellers, and of course includes a pretty little candle too. I'd also like to give this set a high five for the wonderful packaging.

Clinique Days of the Week Lipsticks (£35) | Who said a girl can have too many lipsticks? I love the concept of this set from Clinique, a new lipstick shade to try out each day of the week would be a great gift for anyone wanting to revamp their lipstick collection. Or a sneaky treat for a lipstick obsessive. 

Clarins Festive Eye Palette (£35) | This year I'm going to give out some luxury hampers filled with beauty treats which is where palettes like this and lone products that aren't part of a set come in perfectly. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging of this palette but I'm pleased to report that the shades inside more than make up for that.  

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms (£29)  | I've gone through all these years of beauty blogging without trying out a single Charlotte Tilbury product (shame on me), until these arrived through the door. This is one of my favourite gift ideas and is something I'd be over the moon to find under the tree. For those of you who like to treat yourself at Christmas, don't we all, this is a great option to try out a few shades of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks before investing in a full sized version.  

Green and Spring Indulging Home Candle (£29) | I have been on the search for the ultimate Spa scented candle to light up whilst I dive into a warm bubble bath, and this my friends, is it. The candle has such a relaxing, gentle yet uplifting scent which I dare anyone to say they aren't a fan of. 

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  1. The little Charlotte Tilbury lip set is one I would love to find under my tree, I always hear great things about her lipsticks!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue