October 19, 2013

korres jasmine eye make-up remover

In all the time I've been wearing make up and using skincare products I've never actually properly tried out an eye make up remover, I always just figured that what I used to remove my skin make-up would do the job well enough. I've recently been putting that theory to bed and have been using this version by Korres as another step in my make-up removal routine. I've found that it dissolves even heavy eye make up with absolute ease and causes no irritation whatsoever to my sensitive eyes. It's water based and has the same consistency as Bioderma but feels a little more nourishing. I do find that oil based removers can sometimes feel a little heavy around the eye area so this makes the perfect option for a refreshing feeling removal of eye make-up, if you are in the market for an eye make-up remover then definitely check it out. It's also really good value too as it's a big 200ml bottle which will be sure to last a good few months at least.


  1. I love Korres and I love jasmine, so this couldn't sound any more tempting to me. Will definitely need to go and test it out :o). Xx


  2. I didnt realise Korres did an eye makeup remover. I've not actually tried any of their products. It's a brand a lot of people rave about. Im so out of the loop as I've not used anything!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. havent tried this one, but I love my Korres products! x
    I've never really been into a speciel eye makeup remover either, and both I use are for face&eyes! haha

  4. I've never been into a special eye makeup remover either, and those I use now are for both face & eye :P haha..
    Korres is a great brand, I can only imagine this product to be just as good :)

  5. I am using some makeup products by Korres and I am very pleased. Also, I am running out of my eye makeup remover, will check this out, thanks!