January 31, 2012

molton brown anti-bacterial rok mint hand wash & lotion

I've always loved Molton Brown, be it their bubble baths or posh hand washes to show off in your bathroom, and if you are after some fancy bottles of hand cream it's the first place to look. Yes, they are expensive, for essentially just hand wash and hand lotion but there's nothing wrong with a bit of luxury when it comes to keeping your hands looking lovely. The rok mint scent is sophisticated yet fresh and the set would also make an ideal gift.

'February 2012 sees the launch of Molton Brown’s first ever anti-bacterial fine liquid hand wash, as part of their new Rok Mint Hand Duo. A sophisticated aroma of basil, blackcurrant and mint, the new duo leaves hands smooth and protected whilst providing clinically proven anti-bacterial care. The Rok Mint soothing hand lotion contains a shea butter complex, further preventing moisture loss and ensuring hands are left with a soft velvety after-feel'

Rok Mint fine liquid hand wash - £15.00 (300ml)
Rok Mint smoothing hand lotion - £15.00 (300ml)


  1. Totally irrelevant, but whoever designed those bottles deserves all of the A+. I love the typography and the design!

    Okay, sorry, typography nerd. /Out

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  2. These look lovely. Have always wanted to try Molton Brown but haven't yet
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  3. Nice post with wonderful images. I use Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash. It contains a humectant, which keeps the skin moist and supple, guarding against dermatitis, which can be prevalent when washing hands many times a day. Thank you!!!