January 29, 2010

lush lemony flutter

Wow! This stuff is amazing. I have wanted it ever since I saw various raves about it on you tube & always put it to the back of my mind. I have only ever tried one other cuticle cream by L'Occitane (which I am planning to do a review on) but this one blew that out of the water. I'm not too keen on lemon scents but the smell of this is almost like a creamy lemon smell, not at all sharp. After swirling my finger around the pot I apply a small amount to each nail and massage it in. If feels like a cross between cream and butter, very nice! It sinks straight into the skin leaving it soft  & nourished. This can be used wherever you have dry skin. I end up keeping smelling my nails all day and looking like a complete wally just because I love the scent! I couldn't recommend this anymore, and if you have been thinking about buying it for ages, go and buy it! 


  1. I love the scent of this! Definitely a good lush purchase.

    and thank you for putting me in your blog's side bar lovely! I love your blog lots ♥ xo

  2. i think I may give this a go too :-D