August 22, 2014

crest teeth whitening strips | the good and the bad

I've used Crest teeth whitening strips a fair few times over the past few years, anyone who lives within the UK will know just how hard it is to whiten your teeth on a budget and these are the only product I've found to actually work without breaking the bank. That being said, there are a couple of downsides which I'm now going to talk you through. Most of you will probably know that Crest whitening strips aren't available to buy in the UK, thus meaning you need to find an online seller that has imported them from the US. I did a little research and found out that the reason for this is that they are banned for sale by the British Dental Association as teeth whitening products containing over 0.1% hydrogen peroxide (bleach) are not allowed for sale, Crest whitening strips contain between 6-14%. The issue here is that bleach can break down the enamel on the teeth which causes sensitivity and if used irresponsible can result in irreversible damage. In essence this means if you were to use the whitening strips daily or go through a course more than a few times a year then you'd be causing your teeth more harm than good. 

In my experience I've found that around the halfway point of a 14 day course that I can sometimes get a sharp shooting pain in the nerves of my teeth that lasts only just a few seconds but can still sometimes be a cause for concern. I always find the results of how whitened my teeth become outweigh the slight risk factor and as I would only ever use the 14 day course twice a year at most I don't see any real harm ever being done. The point I'm trying to make here is that regardless of if they have good reason to be banned or not in the UK, it's worth knowing the reason as to why and then you can make an informed decision about putting concentrated levels of bleach onto your teeth. If you decide to go ahead and buy a set of whitestrips, the main issue is finding a seller that sells the real deal and not just some fake knock offs. I'd also say don't bother with the cheaper and less effective strips that claim to be more gentle, they really do end up just doing next to nothing. 

My preferred version are the 3D Professional Effects Advanced Seal Whitestrips, these mould around teeth perfectly and stay put for the hour or so that they need to be left on for. A big tip of mine is to try and get your teeth as dry as possible before applying them as this way they won't slip and slide around. I go for the 14 day course as I find that it leaves my teeth looking as white as I'd want them without damaging them in any way, but if you're teeth are needing a complete overhaul then look at going for the full 20 day treatment. I buy mine from this eBay seller and have found them to be what I believe is authentic, but if you're at all concerned then go for the sealed box option. I'd highly recommend using Crest Whitestrips, I'm always so impressed by the results and think they are worth every penny to completely whiten my teeth twice a year. 

August 20, 2014

giveaway | ray-ban sunglasses

I've recently fallen head over heels for this pair of tortoise shell erika ray-ban sunglasses, and here I am to offer you all the chance of winning your very own pair too. To sweeten the deal even more so, the winner can choose any colour of the ray-ban erika model, I myself was absolutely torn between the black and tortoise shell versions. This type of post would normally be over on my lifestyle blog but I thought I'd include it on this one instead as a way of directing all of those who don't know about it over there. Good luck to you all and a big thank you to for letting me treat one of my readers to a beautiful pair of designer sunglasses. 

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August 11, 2014

benefit they're real push-up liner

benefit they're real push up liner
benefit they're real push up liner

Now that Benefit are out of my bad books I've been eager to try out their latest launch; they're real push-up liner. I've already read quite a few mixed reviews on it, one thing you probably all know about me by now is I just love to give my opinion on something. I love the packaging, it's super cool looking and I find the handle really easy to get a good grip of which makes application much easier. The tip applicator is silicone plastic meaning it's ever so slightly flexible, just enough so that it can follow the shape of the eye. Twisting the end of the pen pushes the product through a hole at the very top of the nib so that you can then start to draw on your liner. 

Upon using it for the first time I was surprised to find the product is really quite dense, I'd describe it as more of a cream liner than gel for that reason. Starting off at the inner corner of the eye I struggled to get a thin, precise line and had to go over a few times which then caused the product to crumble as it was drying. I do have fairly dry skin on my eyelids which might have contributed to the liner not applying well but if you take a look at the photo above it's really not a result you'd expect from a liner with a high price point, I've been doing flicked liner for years and years so I can assure you the dodgy line was not down to my application skills. In contrast to this I found the flick at the outer corner of my eye incredibly easy to create, it must be due to the shape of the nib but it took me far less time than usual, and I didn't have to correct it as I usually do either. The product is jet black which I give it a lot of credit for, but all said and done my impressions are that the product inside the tube is just too thick to be used for a push-up pen liner. I also noticed that each time I went to use the liner that some product had pushed through the top of the nib which ends up being wasted, there was a tiny plastic stopper that was inserted into it at first but I lose those kind of things in an instant. 

The liner needs improving in two ways if it's to be worth it's price point; the product needs to be thinner so that it doesn't cake up easily and there should be a stopper built within the lid, the applicator nib is genius although I can't help but feel it's wasted by the gel liner being incompatible with it. If you can create a precise line and flick within seconds then it will work just fine for you, but if like me you like to go over the line a few times then my advice is to stick to a liquid liner. I've been using my regular liquid liner for everyday use and have been using the Benefit version for when my make up calls for a more dramatic evening look but overall I'd say invest in a Mac 266 brush (which will last years) and the Maybelline studio gel liner which works just as well as any high end version.