December 01, 2014

party season prep | smooth legs

With party season just around the corner, I thought that I'd put together a series of blog posts including a few tips and tricks along with my favourite products to make sure you're looking fabulous come Christmas time. At this time of year I think you will all know what I mean when I say that shaving can tend to go a little downhill, without tanned legs and denim shorts on a hot beach there seems to be not so much need for perfect pins. The time soon comes when enough is enough and it's time to shine with beautiful legs once again and this time paired with a little black dress or a sparkly sequinned number. 

I've always preferred Wilkinson over any other brand when it comes to shaving, I find the razors to give the closest shave and that they also last much longer before needing replacing. The bikini version is genius too, it comes with a regular razor on one end and an electric trimmer on the other for that area. It's one of those products that you soon start to wonder how you ever lived without it before. If you struggle with super sensitive skin and find that shaving can often leave your skin feeling dry and damaged then give the sensitive care version a go, it's enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E so will truly take care of your skin.  

All of the products mentioned above are currently half price at both Superdrug and Boots in store and online, making it the best time of all to stock up. 

Quattro for Women Razor | £3.48 (was £6.99)
Quattro for Women Bikini Razor | £5.48 (was £10.99)

November 30, 2014

the christmas gift guide | luxury

Nars Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret | £32

Although I'm a complete lipstick addict I'm yet to try out any of these lip pencils from Nars, which is why it made perfect sense to pick up this set to give five shades a go all at once. The pencils are a tad smaller than regular size but I worked out at cost per product you are getting a value of £63 within the set, making it work out at around half price. The box they come in is beautiful too and is perfect to keep and store lip products, stock up on two and give one to a friend but keep one for yourself. 

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| Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Twist and Spray | £63.50

The ultimate in luxury Christmas gifts are always those from Chanel. I'm all for products that both serve a genius purpose and look beautiful too which is why I believe that everyone needs one of these sets in their lives. It comes with a purse sized se and three refillable sprays which can be popped in and out once they've ran out, plus you can then just buy the refills one by one from there on out so it makes perfect sense to invest in the trio for someone with a particular favourite Chanel scent.

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Eve Lom Luxury Set | £85

This Eve Lom set is guaranteed to get anyone who's a big fan of skincare products heart racing, I have to admit that I did let out a few lustful sighs when I opened this beauty up. I always like to give luxury skincare as a gift since I have a few loved ones who don't usually treat themselves to expensive skincare which in turn makes it my job to! 

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Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit | £90

In all my years of blogging, a package containing a Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit along with a few of their newly launched shades got me probably the most excited I've ever been to try something out. So much so that I instantly took of my old nail polish and gave myself a gel manicure within an hour of it actually arriving through the door. I found the kit super easy to use and that it resulted in my nails looking as if I'd paid a fortune in the salon. There isn't a single beauty loving girl out there who wouldn't absolutely adore this set as much as I do. 

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Neom Christmas Wish Candle | £24

Candles are an absolute must around Christmas time, both when it comes to gift giving and buying yourself a few sneaky treats. All the better if they are actually Christmas themed as with this Neom Mandarin, Cinnamon and Tonka Bean scented version. It's the perfect candle for warm and cosy nights in without being too overpowering too. 

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Aromatherapy Associates Bath Jewels | £28

Bath time treats are always more than welcome under my Christmas tree. This set by Aromatherapy Associates contains a trio of bath and shower oils that you can swap and change depending on your mood, I'm usually the one who goes straight for the most relaxing version in hope of clambering straight out of the bath and falling asleep in a fluffy bed. 

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Clinique Party Pretty Set | £45

If you're on the lookout for a makeup set to revamp your mum's collection then look no further, Clinique has it covered. Included are berry themed shades that in my opinion are by far the most flattering and suited to an older lady, I just know that my mum will be overjoyed when she opens this lot up. 

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Jurlique Calendula Essentials | £78

The award for the prettiest packaging for any gift set that I've come across has to go to this one by Jurlique, the box is slightly padded and has a wooden look around the sides which along with the gold tones and bright colours just looks simply beautiful. It comes filled with their Calendula Redness Rescue range and in my eyes is the ultimate skincare gift.

-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -

Bobbi Brown Mini Eye Palette | £26
Lip Gloss Trio | £29

Bobbi Brown always have Christmas collections nailed, forget Mac because that's old news. This year I could pretty much find an excuse to invest in the whole range, but my top pick is this mini eye palette which is packed with a range of both shimmer and matte shades that are perfect for the party season. The lip gloss trio would also make a lovely gift for any girl in her teens who appreciates higher end beauty products. 

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Omorovicza Introductory Christmas Set | £41 (currently 30% off)

Another set that you may end up buying for someone else but keeping for yourself is this introductory collection by Omorovicza, including their bestsellers in generous travel sizes. There's currently 30% off everything across the whole site until Monday too so now is the perfect time to stock up.

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Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Straighteners | £89.95

In the past, when someone mentioned the word straighteners I'd instantly think GHDs or nothing, but recently they just haven't been impressing me so I thought I'd give another brand out. This pair by Paul Mitchell have slightly wider plates meaning it takes me much less time to get through my head of hair than with a standard size, plus they heat up in just seconds which makes my mornings much less stressful. You can also manually input the temperature you'd like them at and as my hairdresser recently informed me; this is a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your hair from becoming damaged. I love the sleek design too and would absolutely recommend them to anyone instead of GHDs. 

-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -

Nourish Protect Gift Box | £55

Back with the skincare (can you notice a theme here?). This Protect set by Nourish ensures that whoever opens it up will be completely covered in the skincare department which sets it apart from the other gift boxes. It includes a moisturiser, serum, cleanser and toner all suited to dry skin which in this cold weather is ideal for anyone in need of a skincare pamper session on a daily basis. 

-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask | £21.50
Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream | £26
Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner | £20
Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser | £22

It's impossible to not be able to put a smile on someone's face with products that are not only high end but organic and natural based too which puts Antipodes at the very top of the luxury scale. I always think that masks make for a wonderful gift as it encourages someone to put their feet up and have more pamper time, the Aura Manuka Honey Mask is deeply moisturising and sorts any winter skin problems straight out. 

I have mid-range and stocking filler gift guides coming up soon, stay tuned!

November 04, 2014

recent buys | mac

Recently I ventured into Mac which only ever ends up in spending far more dollar than I should be doing. I haven't bought from there in absolutely ages, in all honesty I'm completely uninspired by their collections and think they should just stop doing them as they always seem to be tacky and pointless. On another note, I can't get enough of their lipsticks and probably own about 40 of them. I picked up the shade Fashion Revival which is an absolutely beautiful deep raspberry red which I can safely say I have nothing similar already, along with Flamingo which is a lovely pink coral colour. I also went for a cremeblend blush in Brit Wit which has turned out to be my favourite purchase, it's absolutely perfect for my olive skintone and is so flattering worn with a red lip. If you buy just one new blush this autumn/winter I'd say make it this. Plus with it being a cream and not powder blush it lasts much longer on the skin and gives a healthy glow. Last but not least, I opted for Vanilla pigment. While it is a little messy and easy to spill it does give the most perfect highlight for cheekbones and on the brow bone, it's great to blend out a smokey eye with too.