September 10, 2016

benefit brow collection + before and after

  Ready, Set, Brow! | £18.50
Brow Zings | £24.50
3D Browtones | £18.50
Ka Brow! | £18.50

As dramatic as it sounds, it has taken me years of dedication to grow my brows into a shape that only needs the slightest of touching up to end up looking natural once filled in. I've been through every stage with my brows, the first of which was the resembling caterpillars, the next was the other end of the spectrum from over-plucking and last of all was some strange hybrid of the two which left them looking a rather strange shape. I've also been known to commit the ultimate sin of overfilling with shades that were far too dark, but thankfully all of those faux pas are now far behind me and I think it's fair to say that my brow game is strong. 

For the past few months I've been putting Benefit's new(ish) brow products to the test and have discovered a few favourites that I now use on a daily basis. As I already have fairly thick brows (holla castor oil) I opt for "precisely, my brow pencil" to fill in any sparse areas and then brush over with "3d browtones" and finish with "ready, set, brow!". I'm a huge fan of the natural yet defined look that these products give to my brows and find that blending out any harsh lines with the spooly on the end of the pencil makes creating beautiful brows foolproof. 

If you prefer a strong, dramatic brow, then check out "ka brow!" or if you need a little extra coverage then give "goof proof brow pencil" a shot. My ultimate favourite of the whole collection has to be "precisely, my brow pencil" (christ these names are a chore to type) and the setting gel comes in at a very close second due to both the formula and genius brush.



  1. So many new brow products I have no idea where to start with Benefit! I think Browzings would be a good choice, I've heard a lot about the product.

    Abigail Alice x