March 25, 2016

masque bar face masks

Masque Bar Face Masks Review

I've been a face mask obsessive for as long as I can remember, ever since I discovered peel off masks at around 11 years old and became addicted ever since. I'm convinced that using a mask once or twice per week, be it mud, peel off, gel or cream, keeps my skin in tip top condition. I also absolutely love to pack one in my travel bag whenever I go away, and find that the sachet versions are so perfectly handy for doing so. 

Anti-Blemish Mud Mask (£7.49)  Different to other mud masks on the market, this version is much thicker and therefore asks you to apply it to a wet face. As I already have fairly dry skin, I found that it dried out my skin too much in places, but was definitely effective when used on my t-zone area and chin. I think these would be absolutely ideal if they came with half of the product and were only designed for problem areas rather than the whole face. 

Brightening Sheet Mask (£7.49) | You can't go wrong with a brightening mask, they're suitable for all skin types, are a quick fix to tried looking skin and are quick and fuss-free to apply. I always use one of these when my skin is in need of a bit of extra loving and usually like to treat myself to one when I'm having a soak in a bubble bath. 

Hydro Gel Eye Patches (£22.49) | My downfall when it comes to my complexion are my tired looking eyes and dark circles. Even when I manage to keep up with a regular water intake I still find that I wake up with panda looking circles, which is where eye patch masks come in. I like to use these in the morning, either whilst I'm in the bath or when I'm having my breakfast and always notice a big difference after doing so. Upon first application, they do slip and slide around slightly so you may need to adjust them a few times but besides from that they feel ever so refreshing and hydrating.  I love that 30 pairs of these come stacked up in a little pot with a spatula all ready to go and would definitely repurchase them in the future.

All of the masks I've mentioned are currently reduced at Boots, hint hint

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  1. I suffer with dark circles so the hydro gel eye patches sound great for me! X