September 08, 2013

impulse and models own sets

I confess that I haven't looked twice at body sprays since my early teens, I moved on to perfume pretty sharpish and have never really looked back. That was until I developed a liking for these fresh and flirty scents from Impulse and realised that not every day has to be a perfume day, who'd have thought I'd be swapping a mist of Chanel for a fragrance sprayed out of a can. I recently received the new sets that Impluse have launched in collaboration with Models Own, they come with a mini nail polish (10ml), a nail buffer and the body fragrance, for a total of a mere £4. Whilst these sets are the perfect option for young teens, I enjoy the scents and am a fan of the nail polish shades enough to recommend them to all beauty lovers. I already have all of the nail polish shades in my collection but I figured these mini bottles are perfect to have on the go for touching up. 

I was also set the challenge of designing my own can of Impulse body fragrance and nail art to match, I'm now starting to wish that all the cans came with diamante encrusted lids!

For the nail art I went for a holographic glitter shade on my thumb nail followed by a black half moon and dots of glitter on the next nail, onto a diagonal black dotted design, then I used holographic silver striping tape and finished with the black shade with a topcoat of glitter. I used both Utopia and Gun Grey which both come in the sets and are great colours.



  1. Such pretty bottles - love your design!



  2. What is the glitter polish on your thumb nail? It's beautiful!

    Laura www.beautybestfriend.com

  3. Love your nail art! Very fancy.
    I think these sets would make lovely stocking fillers for younger family members. They are a great price & would be a cute little extra

  4. This is very clever of Impulse as I think most people remember them as the year 7 after P.E/make boys fancy you spray! Now they are with Models Own I almost want one haha. The can is gorgeous!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. I love the nail art you did, i was just thinking how much i loved the glitter when i saw you comment saying it was Juicy Jules! My favourite ever glitter polish, i just think its so stunning.

    zozeze.com x

  6. I was just thinking last week about how handy body sprays are, and soooo much cheaper than using perfume throughout the day - I think it might be time to re-visit my youth and pick a few of these up too :)

    Love what you did with the bottle and your nails, so lovely!

    Claire from Stylingo xxx