July 19, 2012

blogger buttons on star violet beauty

Hi lovelies, I'm going to start up advertising again open to bloggers. I'm going to call these little adverts 'blogger buttons' and they will all appear in the right sidebar of my site. I know from when I first started up my blog how difficult and almost impossible at times it can be to get your blog known about and how frustrating it can be so hopefully this idea will help some of you out. Also don't worry if you haven't already made a button for your blog, just send me over your blog header and I can make one for you.

I will also be adding a list with simple text links to blogs on my sidebar which you can buy a space on, it will look like this:


Now all of that boring technical stuff is out of the way, just click the link below to purchase a space.


1 comment:

  1. What a great idea!