June 26, 2011

m2 beauté lash activating serum and rivitalizing gloss

For the past few weeks I've been treating my lashes to M2 Beauté lash activating serum and revitalizing gloss. I'm sure you will all agree that as a girl the longer the lashes you have the better and nothing is more frustrating than having high hopes of a mascara and it almost always failing to achieve long and lushious lashes. A few of you might of heard of the famous rapid lash but as it has had reports of changing peoples eye colour I've never fancied risking it. So I decided to try out the M2 Beauté eyelash range and so far I'm super impressed. I find that without mascara on they are a lot thicker and look darker, definitely a plus for the summer when you don't want to wear eye make up. You simply apply the serum exactly the same as you would a liquid eyeliner once or twice a day and then coat your lashes in the gloss the same as a mascara. The serum works on making your lashes longer and thicker and the gloss makes them healthy, glossy and strong. I've been using them for only a few weeks and can see really good results so far but once the tubes are used up will do a post of my final thoughts. The serum costs a whopping £123 and the gloss £46 which I know will put a lot of you off but trust me if you have a budget to afford that then I'd definitely recommend you go for it. Otherwise I'm deeply sorry for making you want something so much that costs a small fortune!

Eyelash Revitalizing Gloss - £46

(The products were provided as PR samples)


Hope you lot are enjoying the lovely weather!


  1. Wow i want this, but I can never ever justify the price!!

  2. ITA with PinkSweetSz, amazing but out of my price range.

  3. Wow that's expensive! But it looks awesome :)

  4. wow at the price.
    But your lashes look amazing!

  5. Your lashes look awsome!! I could never pay that though lol

  6. I´ve got a question: what does it mean you should use it like a normal eye-liner? Does that mean, that you put the serum on the lid and not on the lashes?

  7. @Anonymous yes along the lash line x